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A future with opportunities India’s unprecedented growth lies in its entrepreneurial landscape which is marked by rapidly growing tiny, small & mid sized companies. These companies are leveraging on India’s knowledge capital abundant technical skills, large working population, lower costs, large domestic market, opening up of the economy, capital inflows etc. for showing robust growth. These companies, if nurtured and groomed with proper guidance, will grow to leave their mark on the Economy of the country. EmerCorp believes in you Who We Are EmerCorp identifies itself as the “Growth Catalyst” for the emerging corporates’ of India. We take pride in our ability to perceive the true potential of client’s business(es) and enhance their value. EmerCorp is an Advisory Company that offers a unique combination of services. What We Do From concept to execution, EmerCorp houses the expertise to provide the complete array of services necessary for successful project completion, visioning, documentation, finance, development, management, technology and execution. How We Do It EmerCorp focuses on building a long-term relationship with you. We create a rich, two-way communication that enables us to understand your business needs and goals. We then help you create the roadmap to success through effective formulation, execution and monitoring of corporate strategy.

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