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Real Estate questions? We have the answers. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience, Hamiltons is your end-to-end real estate solutions provider. Founder Members of the Bangalore Realtors Association – India (BRAI) and having been professional counsel to an ever growing number of Indian and multinational businesses, Hamiltons has proven time and time again to be both reliable and trustworthy. Facilitating solutions to your real estate problems is what we do. At Hamiltons, not only do you have access to deeper levels of expertise, but you have our renowned personalised service that comes from our core values – Reliability, trustworthiness and understanding. We service the residential, commercial and retail sectors and with our understanding of the market, proprietary research and diverse network, we are confident we can assist you. Hamilton Realtors is the grand culmination of the efforts of many seasoned professionals working towards a common cause- to find you the best available real estate options that suit your fine taste and other worldly considerations. Aiming to become your premier choice when it comes to real estate, Hamilton Realtors let their domain expertise show wherein it matters the most, in the finest listing of residential and commercial property available across Bangalore and other cities of South India. Heading the charge for Hamilton Realtors is the seasoned Mother-Daughter team of Rekha and Anjali. Together, they have redefined the Bangalorean real estate scene…and continue to do so, one eye grabbing property after another!! A native Bangalorean, Rekha has over 30 fruitful years of experience in the Real Estate sector. She holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from London and an almost Zen like ability to predict the ups and downs of the Indian Real Estate sector. A prolific traveller, Rekha has seen the emerging face of Real Estate in Bangalore and is immensely respected in the realtor community and associated businesses alike for her professional acumen. Rekha is also proudly associated with the Overseas Women’s Club (OWC), Bangalore and was the founder member of BRAI (Bangalore Realtors Association India) and CSB (Community Services of Bangalore). Anjali, a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from MIT and a Post Graduate in Business Administration, is following in her mother’s distinguished footsteps. An integral part of Hamilton Realtors since 2003, her decade long experience in the realty sector makes her a reliable source for market research and first-hand knowledge of emerging trends in property and realty development.

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