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Innovative Hometech Private Limited is the most valued real estate sales organization with a unique history of supporting entrepreneurship, marketing innovation, and homeowner education.Our agency service is rich in integrity and commonsense, high in results and customer satisfaction and low in stress and hassle for our clients.We are professionals of the highest standard. We do talk straight and don’t beat around the bush but we are nice people. We don’t shout about being the best, but quietly we suspect we probably might be!

The Company boasts of clientele across HNI investors, NRI's & Expats, Govt. employees, Corporate employees, professionals & end users.Team Innovative has extensive transaction and advisory capabilities built on years experiences in commercial real estate. From locating the right property, negotiating the best deals and execution of the documentations Each assignment is consistently completed using the best practices with professional approach, while generating the quality results for our client.We have represented many top Indian/Foreign MNC, FDI Co.s from different segments such as Automobile, Information technology, Media, E commerce companies, Profie or Non profit organisations, Banking etc. we partner till every step of acquisition.

With the Best Records of selling around 2 Lac sqft Commercial, 500 Apartments, around many Lac sqft of leasing around 1500 happy and the happiest clients. As we said We don’t shout about being the best, but quietly we suspect we probably might be!

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