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Purti Group, A group that was formed two decades ago with sheer determination to deliver quality product with highest efficiency to people of its state. Breaking the state barriers today, we have diversified interests all across India (like the states of West Bengal, NCR, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tripura) with businesses ranging from Manufacturing of Edible Oils to Real Estate Development, Infrastructure development, Finance and Investment, Information Technology/ Education, Non- Conventional power generation, Etc. Our primary focus is developing and delivering well planned quality and efficient homes. Our main area of development has been in the Residential sector, however we got into commercial and retail spaces as well. A Group, which has always been associated with ‘quality’ product, we want to cater to the quality market.

Operational Cities


Zricks Member Since


863-2236 Sq.Ft

55 Lacs -

1.19 Cr

Kolkata 50096 Residential Purti Jewel

669-1178 Sq.Ft

36.70 Lacs -

61.60 Lacs

Kolkata 49724 Residential Purti Aqua 2

1109-2701 Sq.Ft

34.10 Lacs -

60 Lacs

Kolkata 48976 Residential Purti Flowers

955-1464 Sq.Ft

38.64 Lacs -

58.60 Lacs

Kolkata 48975 Residential Purti Star

788-1657 Sq.Ft

27.65 Lacs -

58 Lacs

Kolkata 48974 Residential Purti Planet

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