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Right from its inception in 1994, Expat was conceived as a company with a unified theme, quite like a symphony, a new theme that once crystallized would resonate a personal, service-based model never before experienced in Real Estate.

Stated simply, we sought to eliminate the apprehensions and concerns associated with Property Investment and replace them with Transparency and Service. This is turn helped establish us swiftly in the arena of Real Estate.

Today, we have extended a pioneering ‘Relationship-based’ model successfully to other areas including investments in land and developed property, construction and contracting, leisure and resorts, media, turnkey projects and management consultancy. All so that we can meet you at every point of your need!

While we have come a long way since the early days, the one ingredient which remains unchanged has been the symphony of values that has helped us win the trust of and build endearing relationships with clients across India and overseas.

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11lpara, Pune

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1319-3550 Sq.Ft

58 Lacs -

1.65 Lacs

Bangalore 48581 Residential Expat The Wisdom Tree Community

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