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Godrej Properties Ltd is an extremely well known builder in the real estate sector and is under the wing of the prominent electronics and FMCG manufacturer Godrej India Pvt Ltd. Established in 1990, Godrej Properties has already made great strides in the real estate sector and is widely known for their residential and commercial properties. Their vision is to be among the nation's top 3 real estate companies, while continuing to be the most trusted name in the industry. Aiming to deliver superior value to all their stakeholders by taking into account all their consumer insight, Godrej Properties is a very well known organization.

Godrej Properties Limited is the first real estate company to have ISO certification. With projects that span across the country, the company's upcoming development covers 74 million square feet. To create landmark structures, Godrej Properties collaborates with outstanding associates and reputed names. The company aims to deliver superior value to all stakeholders through extraordinary and imaginative spaces created out of deep customer focus and insight.

Under the leadership of their Chairman, Adi Godrej, Godrej Properties has really come far since its birth. With a plethora of residential and commercial projects in the pipeline, one can rest assured that this is a name to trust. 

Operational Cities


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461-675 Sq.Ft

43.90 Lacs -

69.90 Lacs

Mumbai 49949 Residential Godrej Nirvaan

817-1356 Sq.Ft

39 Lacs -

65 Lacs

Kolkata 49933 Residential Godrej Seven

1513-3851 Sq.Ft

3 Cr -

7.50 Cr

New Delhi 49883 Residential Godrej South Estate

462-878 Sq.Ft

39 Lacs -

76 Lacs

Pune 49841 Residential Godrej Hillside

698-1108 Sq.Ft

57 Lacs -

89 Lacs

Pune 49769 Residential Godrej Nurture

1300-3000 Sq.Ft

86 Lacs -

1.50 Cr

Noida 49718 Residential Godrej Palm Retreat

764-2433 Sq.Ft

61 Lacs -

1.80 Cr

Bangalore 49679 Residential Godrej Lake Gardens

653-1600 Sq.Ft

37.99 Lacs -

78.99 Lacs

Bangalore 49677 Residential Godrej 24

488-601 Sq.Ft

42 Lacs -

59 Lacs

Pune 49503 Residential Godrej Central Park

1444-2650 Sq.Ft

1 Cr -

2.11 Cr

Gurgaon 49413 Residential Godrej Habitat

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