Assured Return Plan Projects in Gurgaon

12 Assured Return Plan Projects in Gurgaon

Aipl Joy Central Commercial

500-26000 Sq.Ft

70 Lacs -

3.50 Cr

Raheja Trinity Commercial

504-2000 Sq.Ft

53.60 Lacs -

1.70 Cr

Elan Miracle Commercial

300-5000 Sq.Ft

30 Lacs -

5 Cr

M3M Heights 65th Avenue Residential

1250-2000 Sq.Ft

86 Lacs -

2 Cr

AMB Selfie Street Commercial

191-24357 Sq.Ft

26 Lacs -

30.44 Cr

AIPL Joy Street Commercial

300-3000 Sq.Ft

28 Lacs -

2.20 Cr

Aipl Business Club Commercial
Vatika One on One Commercial

500-26000 Sq.Ft

79 Lacs -

39 Cr

VSR Park Street Commercial

300-16719 Sq.Ft

30 Lacs -

15.60 Cr

Burman GSC The Spectra Plaza Commercial

93-1636 Sq.Ft

13.48 Lacs -

2.86 Cr


In Real Estate, Assured Return Plan refers to a Fixed percentage a builder promises to return on Investment.


Typically in double digits, and which is higher than what any other fixed return instrument offers.


Even with having to give higher returns, this type of money is cheaper than, say, borrowing from banks and other lending institutions.

“Typically, returns promised are 9-12%, which is lower than the cost of debt for construction. Higher returns may be a sign of the need for capital, and is sometimes a red flag for the investor,”

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