High Street Retail Projects in Gurgaon

15 High Street Retail Projects in Gurgaon

AMB Selfie Street Commercial

191-24357 Sq.Ft

26 Lacs -

30.44 Cr

Ireo City Central Commercial

850-7500 Sq. Ft.

1.50 Cr -

10.50 Cr

M3M Cosmopolitan Commercial

450-3000 Sq.Ft

1 Cr -

4.50 Cr

M3M Urbana Commercial

124-11355 Sq.Ft

30 Lacs -

4 Cr

Aipl Joy Central Commercial

500-26000 Sq.Ft

70 Lacs -

3.50 Cr

AIPL Joy Street Commercial

300-3000 Sq.Ft

28 Lacs -

2.20 Cr

JMS Cross Street Commercial

190-6748 Sq.Ft

15 Lacs -

4.50 Cr

JMS Crosswalk Commercial

250-10000 Sq.Ft

25 Lacs -

5 Cr

Mapsko Shopping Arcade Commercial

325-825 Sq.Ft

1.25 Cr -

2 Cr

Ansals HUB 83 Commercial

221-3494 Sq.Ft

35 Lacs -

2.44 Cr


High Street is a metonym for the concept of the primary business street of towns or cities, especially in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations. To distinguish it from "centres" of nearby places it is frequently preceded unofficially by the name of its settlement. In a town it implies the focal point for business, especially shops and street stalls  in town and city centres. As a generic shorthand presupposed upon linear settlements it may be used to denote more precise concepts such as the urban retail sector, town centre sectors of employment, all small shops and services outlets and even wider concepts taking in social concepts.

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