Multiplex Projects in Gurgaon

11 Multiplex Projects in Gurgaon

Godrej Summit Residential

1269-4925 Sq.Ft

71 Lacs -

3 Cr

M3M Urbana Premium Commercial

300-2000 Sq.Ft

40 Lacs -

5 Cr

M3M Urbana Commercial

124-11355 Sq.Ft

30 Lacs -

4 Cr

AIPL Joy Street Commercial

300-3000 Sq.Ft

28 Lacs -

2.20 Cr

AMB Selfie Street Commercial

191-24357 Sq.Ft

26 Lacs -

30.44 Cr

AMB Selfie Square Commercial

186-17593 Sq.Ft

42 Lacs -

3.50 Cr

Ameya Sapphire Ninety Commercial

300-2000 Sq.Ft

33 Lacs -

2.20 Cr

Ameya Sapphire Eighty Three Commercial

300-2000 Sq.Ft

45 Lacs -

3 Cr

Elan Miracle Commercial

300-5000 Sq.Ft

30 Lacs -

5 Cr

JMS Crosswalk Commercial

250-10000 Sq.Ft

25 Lacs -

5 Cr


A multiplex is a movie theater complex with multiple screens within a single complex. They are usually housed in a specially designed building. Sometimes, an existing venue undergoes a renovation where the existing auditoriums are split into smaller ones, or more auditoriums are added in an extension or expansion of the building. The largest of these complexes can sit thousands of people and are sometimes referred to as a megaplex.

The difference between a multiplex and a megaplex is related to the number of screens, but the dividing line is not well-defined; some say that 14 screens and stadium seating make a megaplex; others that at least 20 screens are required. Megaplex theaters always have stadium seating, and may have other amenities often not found at smaller movie theaters. Multiplex theatres often feature regular seating.

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