What do you prefer to buy, a plot or a flat?

21 Jan 18 1473
What do you prefer to buy, a plot or a flat?

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20 Apr 2020 03:04 PM

Buying a plot is good for investment in a longer prospective where you will not get any immediate returns need to wait minimum 3 to 5yrs for price increase ,In apartment it is not like that if you are buying a ready to move in apartment you can give it for rent immediately and also at the same time you can pay your EMI if you have taken a bank loan and it is also good for longer prospective if the market is good . But for plots always people will be ready to buy immediately if you want to sell for emergency

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13 Apr 2018 12:33 PM

Having a plot means you'd have to take care of a few extra things that are already done for you in the case of apartments. But then, the rewards for plots can also be much higher. And you'd have complete control on the quality of construction.

With apartments, they are hassle-free since everything is all set and done for you and earning money is straightforward. You’re entitled to enjoy tax benefits as well.

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