Surajpur Kasna Road, Greater Noida



Surajpur Kasna Road is considered to be one of the vital roads to have developed within Greater Noida city. The road showcases a variety of real estate developments along the way. The road has 58 residential and 7 commercial projects by renowned 31 real estate developers. Currently, Surajpur Kasna Road has 0 Real Estate Agent Companies and 0 Property Agent Teams who have posted 62 active properties on

The enormous stretches of land around this road are continuously seeing growth in the realty that dots the landscape. These addresses are exclusive, premium and constantly appreciating in value. There are no of medical and educational institutions as well as banks and other essential entities in the area. The proximity of Surajpur Kasna Road to some of the necessary infrastructure such as transportation, and entertainment facilities makes it an ideal place for investment, as the prices are sure to continuously pick up in the years to come.

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