Mar 2018

5 Reasons why Ready-To-Move Houses are a Perfect Buy


Buying a home is not just a thought but a dream for many. However, there are multiple factors that impact this decision. The oscillating property prices, the thought of investing money in ready-to-move in houses or buying under construction houses are a few of them. The biggest risk that comes with buying ‘under construction’ houses is delayed possession, and this creates lack of confidence in the buyers, state realty experts at Modi builders.

Also, ‘under construction’ houses see a 12% GST which eventually impacts a buyer’s decision. The burden of tax and the fear of delayed possession make ready-to-move in apartments a much sought-after option.

With a lot of new construction happening across Hyderabad, buyers are looking for options that offer them the satisfaction of owning their homes without any hassle. The lesser the risk, the more likely is a buyer to invest his money in property. With reliable projects like Modi Builders bringing in multiple options for the new-age buyer, the Hyderabad property grid is expanding at the right pace.

Following are the reasons ready-to-move-in houses are creating an impact in the market and attracting the buyers:

  1. Tax evasion

Ready-to-move houses are the best buy because you can save tax when buying one. There is no service tax involved with ready-to-move in property, giving you the satisfaction of getting the maximum value for money.

  1. No Rentals

The primary reason you buy a home is that you want to own a property that you can call yours. Also, when you invest money in a home you buy, it always gives you higher returns. Ready-to-move in houses also offer you the option of giving up the space on rent and in turn generating income if you are not planning to move in soon.

Also, in case you are buying your house on EMI, you invest money in something that is yours, which is better than paying money and living in a rented house.

  1. No waiting period

The biggest issue people face when buying ‘under construction’ houses is the time involved to move in. However, with ready-to-move property, no waiting period is the prime advantage. With the project already complete, you only have to complete the formalities and other things related to the purchase. Modi Builders is one such name in Hyderabad that you can bank upon when it comes to buying a home that is made perfect and gives the best amenities.

  1. No down payment

If you are planning to take a home loan for buying the house of your dreams, you only have to pay EMIs on your home loan. There is no other payment included. However, in case of ‘under construction’ property, the EMI starts after the home loan gets disbursed, irrespective of whether you have moved in or not into the property.

  1. What you see is what you get

As the property is already constructed and ready for possession, you don’t need to worry about any changes that might appear when you plan to move in. However, when it comes to ‘under construction’ property, in many cases the final result varies from what is shown in the images in housing complex booklets.

In a fast-growing city like Hyderabad, it is imperative that the property you buy offers you the convenience to move in when you want, and also gives easy access to multiple facilities around. Multiple projects from various construction companies, such as Modi Builders have taken shape around the city. It is these housing companies that are building back a buyer’s trust and changing the real estate scenario for good.


Authored Article published by Modi Builders 

Updated: 08 Mar 2018

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