Aug 2019

Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd expands its footprint in South- East Asia and Europe


Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd, one of the most credible and dynamic real estate consultancy of the country has forayed in the European and South East Asian Markets after establishing a strong foothold in Dubai and London. The brand has partnered with renowned real estate groups like Delsk Group and Leptos Estates to cater to the growing needs and demands of both residential and commercial properties especially in the luxury space in the European and Asian countries.

Through the associations with these internationally renowned brands, Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd will be able to optimize the best of their capacity in order to showcase properties that is well equipped with the quotient of quality, luxury, credibility and ROI(return on investments) within the ambit of customers economy. Joining hands with these global brands will not only endow the buyers with a myriad  of options in the form of  investments in projects but  will also support in easing the process of applying for permanent residence and citizenship program, accordingly.

The key objective behind the alliance of Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd with Delsk Group and Leptos Estates will be highly emphasizing on the exclusive residential and commercial properties at a global scale. The collaboration with Delsk Group (having a global appeal in the real estate industry) will be activating operations in countries like Greece, Cyprus,Malta, Portugal, Thailand, Ireland and London. Similarly, the association with Leptos Estates, a stellar real estate development Company will further widen the reach and expansion in Cyprus & Greece which are offering attractive residency (EU PR) & citizenship(EU Passport) programs via investment into real estate.

According to Abhishek Kulkarni, Chairman and Managing Director of Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd, “With India increasingly seeing new millionaires on the rise, there is surge in the demand for luxurious properties. While Europe tops the lists with premium living conditions, Thailand and Malaysia, with a tourism driven economy are pure investment destinations. Million SqFt has always endeavoured to providing services to A-list clients who are well-travelled and have a fine taste. With these associations, we are better equipped to offer the best international properties at locations that add to our clients’ portfolio. Going forward, we have plans to expand and service in other international locations including the UAE, Canada, the USA and major cities in India. Taking the current slump in India to our advantage, Million SqFt Realty has grown strongly by showcasing the international luxury property investment opportunities, which are secure with options in both commercial and residential segment."

About Mr. Abhishek Kulkarni and Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd

Abhishek Kulkarni has always aspired to become an ethical name in the orbit of real estate ever since the time he was an employee at a call centre. His endeavours, dedication and dynamism has made him one of the trusted names in the real estate fraternity. His journey from employee to employer started with his first venture ‘Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd. with an aim to become a staunch name in the space of Indian real estate.

Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd is a real estate consultancy which started in the year 2013 catering to both residential as well as commercial properties especially in the luxury space with the target audience as HNI community and corporates residing within and outside the country. They also specialize in providing allied services such as Fund- raising or financing to developers and buyers (with a panel of bankers on board), legal assistance (with a panel of lawyers on board) and property insurance services, thus lending ease to both buyers and the builders.

Under his able leadership, the organisation is successfully able to expand its footprint overseas within a short span of 2 years. Tasting the realty waters across the nation as well as countries like Dubai and London, made him garner experience and appreciation simultaneously at a global scale. He has been working majorly with some of the globally known  brands.

Abhishek's keen business acumen with a team of brilliant minds comes from a vast experience ranging from Real Estate, Finance and Marketing. The combination of all of this elements has been effectively catering to individuals as well as business houses with multifarious needs, preferences and customisation.

He firmly believes that real estate is one of the key industry that contributes to the economic growth and development of the country at a macro level. Moreover, the industry is going through a myriad of advancements like - Fintech, proptech, foray of international brands etc. Under this circumstance, it is quite likely that the demand for spaces (be it residential or commercial) will not decline. Thus, his forte as a real estate professional will always improvise in his respective vertical and expand the operations of  Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd  on a global scale.

Having established a strong foothold in the real estate business he then marched ahead in the field of health and wellness to bring in a revolution through his venture, ‘HelpEaze’. He forayed into the wellness space, taking into consideration the increased focus  in the field of digitalisation and the need of bridging the gap between availing optimum information and easy accessibility for all. This app has  also garnered the appreciation of  Mr Nitin Gadkari,Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India and  is  all set to be launched across the nation soon. Abhishek's vision and endeavours to be a multi-dimensional entrepreneur did not take a pause with his health venture. Over the years, he has been unstoppable and this led to the formation of his aviation venture, ‘Billion – Air Aerospace Pvt Ltd’. With an inclination towards aviation, Abhishek’s idea behind this venture was to provide the facility or service of chartered flights via helicopters and airplanes across India and overseas.

Being an entrepreneur, his intellect has a versatile aspect as he is of the opinion that communication is integral and a common factor in every segment. In this media-driven world, the significance of communication and broadcast is pivotal as it plays a vital role in various sectors like, entertainment, sports, business, fashion, current affairs, etc. Considering the emerging trend of Infotainment, he launched his media enterprise, ‘Million Media & Comm Pvt Ltd’. There are two wings of this brand – A premium luxury men’s lifestyle magazine, Just Urbane and his latest project, Urbane Talent which mainly focuses on celebrity management.

Donning many hats, Abhishek highly believes that entrepreneurship is more than its commercial viability. It needs to be a perfect blend of ethics, quality, dynamism, intellect, timeliness, understanding of economics and its application and most importantly, gratitude. In this fast-paced world, where opportunities are in abundance, it requires strategic planning, formulation and execution to achieve the organisational goals.

Updated: 14 Aug 2019
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