Aug 2019

Why Coimbatore is the Right City for Real Estate Investment?


Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is one of the reputed cities, which has witnessed wide reformation over the years. The city has a mixture of both rural and urban cultures. Popularly called as the Manchester of South India, the city has vast number of textile industries. Since, more and more people are shifting to this city; there is a huge change in the real estate market. Real estate developers like JRD Realtorss are coming up with the new projects including villas, which are customizable as per buyer’s requirement. If you are planning to shift in Coimbatore, then JRD Realtorss is the right builder to invest. 

Let us check why Coimbatore is the right place for real estate investment:

Industrial City

Coimbatore is the city with major textile industries, so there is a rapid growth in cotton and dyes production. The city has the established flour mills, too. Coimbatore is also the home for engineering agriculture like poultry and information technology. With this advancement, more and more people are shifting and looking for a new home to invest in Coimbatore.

Better Transportation and Infrastructure

When it comes to transportation and infrastructure, Coimbatore has excellent transportation facilities and infrastructure, which are yet other reasons to shift. The international airport is located at the Peelamedu and is easily accessible from different parts of the city. The National Highway 544 connects Coimbatore to all the major cities in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Moreover, the roadway connecting is getting better and better than before. Investors when look for settling in a new city always check the transportation and infrastructure. This allows them to choose the location and settle accordingly. 

Affordable Housing

The rapid development in infrastructure and more investment in commercial space has attracted homebuyers and other investors to Coimbatore. The best part is the option to get customized luxury villas in Coimbatore in these upcoming projects. To attract the investors from the city and nearby places, Kovaipudur builders like JRD Realtors provide houses and luxury villas at the best price with all the modern amenities. There are different locations where you can find investment-worthy properties. From 1BHK to 3BHk, you have options to choose and invest. Kalapatti, Singanallur and Trichy Road are some of the best residential areas that offer good priced villas and luxury apartments.

Climatic Condition and Locations

At Coimbatore, you can enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year. Since it’s in the vicinity of the forested mountain and close to places like Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Pollachi, and Coorg, so investors can have a great investment option. It has also opened new business opportunities pushing the realty sector towards success. 


Apart from industrial development, the city is backed with good healthcare development. There are hospitals and other healthcare centres for better and faster medical assistance and endeavouring to serve the necessities of everyone including both rural and urban populace. One can find hospitals located in top location exclusively for orthopedics, cardiac, kidney, and others.

IT Hub

Like Chennai, Coimbatore is also becoming the IT hub offering better job opportunities. This has attracted young crowds to settle here. Furthermore, this has boosted the real estate domain. Developers are offering good options in flats with modern amenities and residential plots in Coimbatore. Top companies like TCS, Cognizant, and IBM are the major IT organizations in this city. Likewise, young professionals are looking for flats on rent giving further opportunities for investors to invest.

Educational Hub

Coimbatore is also the best educational hub. The city offers excellent prospects for kids to flourish in this competitive world. It has top institutions in every field from international schools to medical colleges. PSG College of Technology and the Coimbatore Institute of Technology are some of the renowned institutes.

Conclusion: From IT hub to educational hub and healthcare, Coimbatore has flourished in every area. This has certainly given enough reasons for real estate developers and investors like JRD Realtorss to invest for a long-term purpose and provide luxurious independent villas in Coimbatore‌‌. Another big reason is the safety offered by this city. Coimbatore is one of the safest cities for you and your family to move into and start a future in. 

Updated: 17 Aug 2019
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