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Since its inception in 1968, A V Bhat & Co. has been synonymous with Quality and Trust. They changed the skyline of Pune by transforming the existing ‘Wada’ culture into a similar but distinct cohabitation module of ‘ownership flats’. Their success story was built on the solid foundation of quality, transparency and commitment.
After the untimely death of Mr. Ashok Bhat, the legacy was carried forward ably by his son, Mr. Kedar Bhat. The commitment to quality remained undeterred. The social awareness and responsibility of enhancing the life of the customers remained unabated.
To date, for them, customer satisfaction remains in the forefront. Correct projection of future trends and appropriate utilization of modern and advanced technology helps them to forge an unusual bond of trust with their customers, wherein the customers feel relieved of their concerns of increasing and sometimes unnecessary cost of construction and also, feel assured of convenient and comfortable homes.
With a penchant for dedicated pursuit of excellence, A V Bhat & Co. aims for a seamless confluence of business and humanity.


With the advent of modern technology, the society is changing every day. The mindset of the people is changing, the necessities are increasing; the life style is evolving, more so today than ever before. A V Bhat & Co. has identified and accepted that these changes in the society have given rise to varied requirements of housing. Though initially involved in creating exemplary but uniform community living, Kedar Bhat, not the one to rest on his laurels, decided to respond to these myriad requirements by creating a niche for everyone.

Without compromising on the founding principles of maintaining high quality standards and of looking after the interests of the customers, three types of dwellings are developed at A V Bhat & Co.:

  • ‘I’ Select Homes
  • My ‘C’ Homes
  • ‘Sukh’ Homes

In response to another requirement in the society, A V Bhat & Co. has ventured into the redevelopment realty under the denomination of ‘Redevelopment’.
Under the able direction of Kedar Bhat, the mission of A V Bhat & Co. remains unaltered – maximum home with maximum comforts.
The relationship with the customers is further enhanced by establishing the ‘Parivar’ Club. With close to 1000 families as members, this leisure club enables to forge a strong bond amongst the families themselves and also be a part of the A V Bhat & Co. family.

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A. V. Bhat Builders Pvt Ltd
A.V.Bhat & Co. Building, 2nd Floor, 1348 Sadashiv Peth, Pune - 411030, Maharashtra, India
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