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  • Sr. 282, Plot No. 16, Tanaji Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Gawade Group is the parent company and central organization for three very different, yet related companies. The group comprises of a real estate company that builds homes keeping in mind the need of the people at large. It also includes a software company that is focused on development of softwares for real estate and more.Lastly, the group is about to launch a brand new web portal that helps in finding and securing a place for the common man.

This will be a completely online service that brings together all the services. With over a decade of success in various real estate projects, the group is set to expand horizons and make inroads into new area of development.What keeps us going is our vision to create an ecosystem of lifestyle solutions that can help our customers in each phase of their life.In the past decade, Pune and other metro cities have seen much growth, and have made the transition from being a metro city,

to being one of the important sites in world business. With this kind of growth, it would have been a surprise if the infrastructure hadn’t grown exponentially. We believe that this is just the beginning, and the best phase for most cities is yet to arrive. However, we are sure that we would be there when it does, and we would be the company that contributes a great deal to this transition. This is the same belief with which we had established Gawade Group almost ten years ago, and it gives us great joy to know that we are still on the right path.


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Gawade Group
Sr. 282, Plot No. 16, Tanaji Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra, India
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