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  • 4-4-932 / 1 to 3, Kandaswamy lane, Opp. Hanuman Vyamshala School Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad - 500095, Andhra Pradesh, India

The Gharonda Group first shot into eminence in the city primarily for its building and real Estate Developmental activities. named Gharonda Builders and Developers since the time of its Inception in the year 1990, the construction company has to its credit the distinction of Constructing well planned, luxurious and centrally located apartments like Gharonda Gagan Gharonda Sesha Sai Gharonda Pancham Gharonda Mahima, apart from a Decent number of duplex Houses at certain chosen locations in the city .Gharonda Builders And Developers, has been dedicated to offering the city of Hyderabad elegantly designed Apartment structures with adequate parking space and ample room for the thorough fares. The Interiors of the individual flats are both classy and well ventilated. Working relentlessly towards a fixed goal, Gharonda Builders & developers has set a immense record by Completing a whopping 33 construction ventures in a span of just 12 years –a –path –breaking Effort by all means. Operating from a modest looking but well equipped office situated opp Hanuman Vyayamasala at Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad. Good customer relations and quality service are the only Standard that this group goes by. The presence of a frame suspended from one of the walls of, the office bearing words of appreciation and gratitude towards Mr.Sachdeva from the satisfied occupants of Gharonda Gagan, bears testimony to this fact. Almost every one of the Gharonda Structures constructed so far has a high horse power generator which provides the Power to run the lift, light the corridors, and illuminate the main hall in individual flats, when The power gets shut down at night an accentuated feature of most of these buildings has been the presence of a childrens play area equipped with swings or Jhulas, slides and other Such fixtures to facilitate relaxation for the school kids in the evening. One curious aspect of, Most of the Gharonda creation is that their exterior walls happen to dear a distinct stamp of The Gharonda style written all over in the form of a couple of suitably spaced stripes running Across the structures horizontally.

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Gharonda Builders And Developers
4-4-932 / 1 to 3, Kandaswamy lane, Opp. Hanuman Vyamshala School Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad - 500095, Andhra Pradesh, India
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