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At Jitendra Constructions since 1988 we don't just erect structures - we create lives. Every building is a living entity - thus believes Jitendra Constructions, the vision and achievement of civil engineer Jitendra Sawant. His work is more than an implementation of architectural vision and engineering skill. These are buildings which have their own identity, which reverberate with life, breathe and look out at the world with smiling faces. Right from it's inception, this firm has implemented every project with an efficiency that has become its trademark. With the result that it rapidly grew on to much wider range of projects, residential and commercial. big and small.

Jitendra Constructions functions with the crisp policy of uncompromising quality and timely completion. Utilizing the most updated technology for changing trends in design, keeping up with contemporary living standards and molding itself to meet the requirements of people from all strata of society, it has earned itself a reputation that attracts clients not only from Pune, but also from Mumbai and other neighboring cities. The cost-efficient handling only adds to client satisfaction.

This has witnessed and contributed its bit to the metamorphosis of Pune from a quiet old city to India's new metropolis. With tremendous energy and high ideals, this firm promises to work hand in hand with enterprising individuals and firms, shaping a new look for Pune for the future. Putting life into concrete, giving body to visions, Jitendra Constructions plans to follow up a prestigious past with magnificent future.

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Jitendra Constructions
1194/6,Off Ghole Road, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005, Maharashtra, India
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