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  • New No.9, West Club Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai - 600030, Tamil Nadu, India.

RSD foundation was established with an aim of setting a landmark in the field of property development. We skive to provide visually stunning architecture with the best available features at a bearable price. Our aim is to sustain consistent growth by providing the best possible service & solution to our clients in all our projects, ultimately becoming a brand recognized by all as a leader in our chosen field.

RSD Foundations Pvt. Ltd is hard core Construction & Project Management Consultancy Company Consists of experienced and dedicated staff. The RSD Foundations Pvt. Ltd had commenced its business from 2012 and got registered as Private Limited company.

The RSD Foundations Pvt. Ltd is an offshoot of AARTHI CONSTRUCTIONS., which is 30 years old contracting company. The RSD Foundations Pvt Ltd., is now working independently in its name of & style after getting the company amalgamated with the Aarthi Constructions.

We have a unique feature to complete any work assigned to us with high degree of precision, well within the record time and to deliver the project to the absolute level of satisfaction of our customers. We stand by our promise to keep the high standard of our relation with our valued clients.

The company is headed by a Project manager, a qualified architect with experienced in construction line, handled several prestigious projects in and around Chennai. The company also have a Project Engineer, a retired Executive Engineer from C.P.W.D A company-wide policy encouraging shared performance responsibility ensures the highest degree of professional service and results on all projects undertaken. The main advantage of emerging RSD Foundations Pvt. ltd. in the PMC field is only due to the staffs who were enjoying their career in various high positions.

We have blend of youth as well experienced senior citizen to guide in the field of construction work with the view to achieve the desired goal. To quote the experienced of the staff more particularly senior staff they have rich knowledge in construction line, administration and above all rules & regulations covering the scope of work.

To speak about younger group of employees in our bold they are experienced to some level, dedicated, hardworking, and well educated and have high aptitude for any challenging work entrusted to them. We have utmost care and concern not only of our employees but more sincere attention is given to our valuable clients, focusing our company mission & policy to deliver quality project with in the stipulated period and above all well within the budget.

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RSD Foundations Pvt Ltd
New No.9, West Club Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai - 600030, Tamil Nadu, India.
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