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The Unishire Group of Companies is one the most innovative real estate companies in India, offering luxury and ultra-luxury apartments and duplexes in some of the best locations in Bangalore; catering to all budget categories. 

Based out of Bangalore, the company was founded in 1987, under the guidance of Mr. Kirti Mehta, a luminary in real estate development and construction, who is acknowledged for his innovative methods in combining modern aesthetics and architectural norms with the old world charm. With the onus of the company on the next generation, the top management is the right mix of experience and youth that makes us strive to be the pioneers of innovation in the real estate industry, embracing and adapting to the modern demands of the real estate sector. 

We have always believed in redefining real estate and creating benchmarks for others to follow. From the word “go” we have made our customers the centre of our universe and our raison d'etre. Whatever we do is driven by the needs, dreams and aspirations of our customers. 

UNISHIRE, as the name states, stands for Unique Communities (UNI - Unique | SHIRE - Community). We strive to develop distinctive projects by thinking differently, ahead of time and breaking out of the clutter to offer the best to our customers, in terms of lifestyle and living standards. We are constantly widening our horizon by making a holistic contribution to lives across the country. 

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Unishire Group
36, Railway Parallel Road Nehru Nagar, Kumarapark (West) Bangalore - 560020, Karnataka, India
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