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The DK Group was founded by a man with his roots planted firmly in reality.

Today Asit Pramanik, a first generation entrepreneur and man of vision with over 35 years' experience in land development and real estate under his belt, remains the driving force behind the Group's growing success and popularity.

Rising to meet the real needs, hopes and aspirations of real people, the DK Group has grown from strength to strength.

With a firm belief in the power of the collective, the Group has positively impacted the communities in which it serves and operates. Creating growth opportunities and balancing corporate goals with social responsibility.

In pursuing its goals, the DK Group of Companies has now grown beyond infrastructure development and construction into a presence that is reaching out into the realms of media, marketing and entertainment.

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D.K Group of Companies
423D, 3rd Floor Motilal Gupta Road Kolkata
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