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We leverage more than 15 years of strong track record in the construction business to offer you most optimized and value for money housing solutions. We do not construct buildings, but living spaces that their owners will feel proud to call them as their homes.

With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, Durga Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, has grown at a tremendous rate to establish a reputation of reliability and consistency. Our key principle – “To create homes and not just apartments”, has led us to produce exceptional homes with an accent on integrity and more than value for your money. We realize that an investment on a home is one of the biggest decisions you will be making and we want to make that journey worthwhile for you.

Our customers are the most important motivators for our business. At Durga, we understand that your needs get submerged in big projects and with larger builders, and thereby we provide a niche for a discerning buyer who wants the best features and quality at a price that is reasonable and realistic. We have managed to achieve this with ideal planning and design, and a customer centric approach that brings freshness and innovation along with best practices of construction. Our experienced and motivated team will ensure we deliver what we promise, unfailingly and consistently.



We are passionate about what we set out to achieve and measure our success by the smiles we inspire in our customers. With our commitment to timely delivery and focus on quality, we don’t just meet your standards but exceed our own as well – and we set the bar high to begin with. Durga homes are those that you would be proud to live in and pass on to a loved one – they are more than just homes, they are almost a heritage.



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Durga Projects & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
125/1-18, G K Arcade, 1st Floor Ashoka Pillar Road, Jayanagar 1st Block, Bangalore – 560011
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