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Earthcon Constructions Pvt Ltd is an futuristic and innovation inspired real estate entity. The company is a firm believer in delivering the most eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable constructions for a better present and a secure future. Delivering high-tech and luxury projects, the company has been invested in the construction of various residential projects, commercial centres and holiday homes.

"Earthcon" was set up in 2005 as a real estate development company and since then has seen a robust growth. But the story goes back to the year 2000 when first generation entrepreneur “Mr. Shadab Khan” & “Mr. Tanweer Obaid Azmi” came together to set up a construction company, “Ganga Contract and Projects Ltd" in 2000. After having made a significant mark in building construction, the company saw its next natural progression into real estate development. "Earthcon Construction Pvt Ltd" was thus founded in 2005.

Putting customers first in order to respond well to their preferences, the company has adopted a policy of customized service that takes care of individual clients in a more personalized manner. Apart from this, the Earthcon group also holds fast to their policy of upholding integrity in all business transactions, delivering high quality and embracing innovation. All these have helped the group to maintain a healthy reputation in the eyes of their loyal clientele. Their visionary leader and Chairman Mr. Shadab Khan has been the ultimate guiding light for the company, under whose supervision the staff is motivated to live up to the standards.

A committed vision helps a company deliver what is desired of them, which is the case with the Earthcon group. Their vision is to create sustainable real estate through continuous innovation and best practices to provide quality life spaces to customers across all segments. As a part of their corporate responsibility program, the company also strives to undertake sustainable development that helps take care of the environment and all life forms in that area.


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Earthcon Constructions Pvt Ltd
B-11, Sector 1 Noida - 201301, U.P.
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