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  • 2007, Survey no 119, New Internationl Airport,Vidya nagar cross road chikajala Bengaluru - 562157

The seeds of construction were sowed when the buildings were first constructed by hand or simple tools and were called Huts and shelters. Later professional craftsmen like bricklayers, carpenters appeared... ever since then construction industry has transformed at an extremely fast pace. Each step taking the industry way ahead and the modern day construction involves structures which have a mix of beauty, creativity, need & human intellect. Here at Integral foundation we have a complete team of architects, financial advisors, legal advisors & engineers who are capable of making your homing experience a complete one wherein we help you determine the right location for you. We promise that "We have the guild to build".Rain or Shine, home is a place that offers us comfort & warmth like no other place in the world.

Each of us nurture a dream to own a house, here at Integral Foundations, we believe in making this dream come frue with our ambitious residential projects, Laced with environment-friendly surroundings and Amenities including recreational facilities, our promising projects makes homing a beautiful experience. We possess a great balance of experience and expertise to deliver what you demand. The completed projects from Associates of Integral Foundations stand testimony to the fact that the organization is on a mission. A mission to revolutionize housing and commercial development in and around Chennai, Bangalore and Jaipur. Dreamt of within the walls of our offices by our pioneers, we use the best construction minds around to give wings to your dream projects. From the moment they take flight till they spring up as elegant structures across the city, we don't rest.

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Integral Foundations
2007, Survey no 119, New Internationl Airport,Vidya nagar cross road chikajala Bengaluru - 562157
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