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Legacy was founded on the cornerstone of quality living. A vision of creating world-class living environments with the promise of a better quality of life for the people who inhabit them. Our expertise allows us to create living spaces that are testaments to meeting your needs and offering you the best in construction. Our trademark style, sense of flair and unforgettable opulence underline the high standards for which we are known. These standards are constantly upgraded by our high-calibre team, making every living environment a source of pride and joy for the owner. Our combined experience guides us in the ideation, design and execution of living spaces that are otherwise unparalleled. Our beautifully crafted doors are always open in welcome, if you would like to explore our world: visit our projects, meet our people and discover how we work

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Legacy Global Projects Pvt Ltd
333, Nova Miller Thimmaih Road Bangalore – 560052
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