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We believe that what we do defines us. So, we do things differently. Interestingly. Creatively. Our characteristic approach has inspired us to create a range of commercial and residential spaces, which in turn inspire people. And some of those people choose to become our patrons, for life.

Yes, we are an Engineering, Construction and Project Management Company, with a diverse portfolio. A few of our innovative and challenging projects are on the verge of completion. Our breakthrough commercial and residential projects, Redifice Signature, and Redifice Ambrosia, respectively, stand testimony to our commitment for quality, service and singularity.


We want all our residential and commercial spaces to create a niche of their own. They should make their audience stop in their tacks and behold them for their appealing distinctiveness. We want our creations to represent novelty and quality, as opposed to ordinary and quantity. And we intend to do it in partnership with nature. For we want to create a beautiful, sustainable tomorrow, for our future generations.


No matter what, our primary objective was, is and always will be to keep our Redifice family members, which comprises of our employees, vendors, stockholders, and clients, happy. We will always have an ecosystem, where people get enough motivation and support to do things differently. Where ideas are welcome. Innovation and creativity are highly regarded and rewarded. For we believe novelty is what that'll keep us a few levels above our competition, and make our business successful.


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Redifice Developers India Pvt Ltd
2, Spencer Road Frazer Town Bangalore - 560005
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