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Wrightspaces India Pvt Ltd , is promoted by a group of Professionals with several decades of experience in the Real Estate Development sector. Having observed the need for a Qualitative approach to the building of homes, rather than a purely commercial view, we have embarked upon this venture to satisfy an elite sector of the buying public by delivering well designed quality homes in great locations, for reasonable prices, all based on timely delivery.

A further need was to evolve a design, focused on Convenience, Ambience, Long term maintainability, Value retention and Enhancement.


In our projects, the Green Ecological aspect has also been an important design element, resulting in the preservation of as many existing trees as possible , along with Solar water heating, water treatment plant and sewage treatment as standard installation.

An important aspect of any development is Legality, both in the land documentation and the building bye laws. We make all efforts to ensure that the projects are built in full accordance to the prevailing laws, so as to ensure total Legitimacy to investments made by the buyer of a WRIGHT SPACES unit. At WRIGHT SPACES, we believe in delivering maximum value to our customers, by considering their investment in Wright as a matter of trust in us .



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Wright Spaces India Pvt Ltd
231, 25/3 Lavelle Road Bangalore - 560001
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