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Ms. Hiral Sheth is an experienced and effective leader who adapts to ever-changing real estate trends and believes in creating a difference in her every endeavour. She is deeply rooted in this family-owned business and has insightful experience of almost a decade in real estate marketing. Her aggressive approach, zeal for perfection, efficiency in detailing and ability to foresee the future is truly commendable. From creating a strong project identity to choosing a strategic location, from elevating living standards to delivering rare landmarks on time, she makes everything possible. Her contribution towards Sheth Creators successful journey has made them achieve multiple national and international awards in various real estate segments. 

4 Articles

Living in a pandemic: Top features and amenities homebuyers are looking for in a property

The island city might have become the epicentre of the pandemic, but the outbreak has upended housing supply and consumer demand for evolved features and superior amenities for the better. The global pandemic that has totally altered the way we live and function has compelled homeowners to revaluate how they use their ...
schedule 9/6/2021 12:10:28 PM

Luxury comes in small sizes – Emphasis on plush 1 BHK’s

The residential luxury segment presently has been witnessing a diversity in terms of the market dynamics, owing to the anticipations from target end-user segment. While owning a prime piece of residential asset has long been considered as a matter of pride for home owners, the modern housing culture has led to a fundamental alteration in the con...
schedule 6/24/2021 12:32:07 PM

Small homes make way for more launches

Small ticket-size homes or micro homes are gaining acceptance in the Indian realty markets due to the speedy expansion of the city’s geographical boundaries and the rise of population in urban India. The pandemic-enforced realization about homeownership has been accountable to spur this revival. The millennial community in particular who h...
schedule 4/29/2021 12:23:57 PM

Stamp Duty Cuts, Low Interest Rates Pave the Path for Real Estate Growth

Real estate has been reeling under a slowdown for the last few years, thanks to the indirect impact of many policy changes and lack of implementing many more that has been repeatedly requested by the developer fraternity. This year the world was affected by Covid-19 pandemic, where real estate was unarguably the most suitable investment product....
schedule 1/4/2021 4:24:26 PM