Managing Director, Avanta Business Center
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Nakul holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the Delhi university and an alumnus of one of the most prestigious hotel management programs ‘The Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development’. During this program he had the opportunity to work with some of the finest hotels in the country run by the Oberoi hotels. He has played various roles in hotels before moving to business centres. 

Being from the hospitality background Nakul has a keen eye for detail and a very firm customer focus. He has worked with some of the finest hotels in the country and have been instrumental in building them up to the customer services levels that they are now knows for across the world. Nakul started his career as a bartender at the Amarvilas in Agra and worked his way up to senior management within few years. He went to work in several other Oberoi hotels including the Rajvilas, The Wildflowerhall in Shimla to name a few. He also had a short stint at Regus which was the first exposure into business centre’s which has been his forte henceforth.

Nakul joined Avanta in 2008 when Avanta opened its center in India, by mid-2009 with the world going into a heavy recession like several other businesses Avanta was reeling under a lot of pressure. Then being the regional operations manager, he took the responsibility of turning the business around. Within 6 months of taking over reins of a troubled loss-making business Nakul could turn it around into a profit-making business. It was a combination of focused sales, understanding the customers, keeping people happy, tweaking the product offerings, and controlling costs that made this rather impossible transformation possible. He has always been thankful to the team for working with him under these tough and demanding conditions.

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