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Resource Specialist, Expertise Real-Estate and Fund Management
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Siddharth Maurya is an accomplished Realtor and Resource Specialist having expertise in Real- Estate and Fund Management. He has completed his MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi and is serving the real estate industry for almost half a decade now. He is an apt Business Coordinator and an equally efficient Strategic Thinker

He is professionally engaged in the market scanning & analysis, demand forecasting, property valuation, and end-to-end consulting. His in-depth market understanding is augmented with an avid reading of numerous published sources, making him an authority on Indian real estate. He has a proven track of successful sales record and is adept in offering actionable insights to his clients.

Siddharth started his career as an engineer trainee at Sony India Private Limited, following which he switched to a renowned construction company as Business Development Head. In his illustrative real estate career, he has also donned leadership roles in firms like IC and Elite Landbase.

His key areas of expertise also include Business Development, Planning & Market Research, Customer Relations, and Investment Facilitation. He is a meticulous organizational planner and also enjoys preparing training modules for new joiners.

Siddharth is also an AI enthusiast and is a pioneer of few advance analytics- based business models for the real estate industry. He is an overall Real Estate personality dealing effectively with all facets. In his free time, he likes reading and meditating. His hobbies also include listening to inspirational volumes, strategically planning the next day, and going out for a walk or a little workout.

5 Articles

Whether one should rent or buy in 2022

India is a land of eclectic real estate that has always been catering to the needs and wants of several prevailing segments of buyers, owners, developers, and investors. In case you and your family are looking to change your house in the near future, the million-dollar question for you would be whether you should buy or rent in the new year of 2...
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Real Estate Investment Trust: How REITs have performed in India in 2021

Introduction Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are catching up big way in the Indian economy and real estate sector. Regulated by SEBI, REITs are companies that own, operate, or finance income-producing commercial real estate (from the Indian perspective). Pooling together the capital of multiple investors, REITs m...
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Why peripheral cities are scoring above big cities in terms of real estate investment?

Beginning from the very basics, some of the most primary emotional values that individual associates with when investing in a property are tranquillity, comfort and value for money. Now that it has been two years with people operating in WFH culture, and literally triumphing over its monetary benefits in terms of the huge chunk of savings; amid ...
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Residential vs Commercial: Where to invest for rental income?

Amongst the investment options available such as a fixed deposit, gold, mutual funds and PPF, people still consider real estate or property investment as one of the safest ones. Being one of the few tangible investment options around, real estate is still the most trusted one. The opportunity cost of realty investment in comparison to ...
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Does festive season 2021 ring a bell for home-buying?

Home-buying in India has transformed from simple shelter hunting to seeking a way of lifestyle that promotes well-being; and isn’t well-being what is paramount in a pandemic struck world? The homebuyers are inclined on choosing sustainable developments over four-walled single unit in some group residential society.  What is ...
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