What is expected price appreciation in next 3 years ?

23 Apr 19 462
As per sector 10 situation and development plans, What is expected price appreciation in next 3 years ?
What is expected price appreciation in next 3 years ?

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Shival Chaudhary

27 Apr 2020 04:26 PM

The current scenario has lot of uncertainities in all the sectors. Since every thing is interdependent ,we have to wait till the lock down ends and we have to prepare ourselves for the after effects.

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Rohini Petla

26 Apr 2020 06:39 PM

Its completely depends upon the location. For example if you take perungudi, day to day it's developing a lot. It is surrounded by many IT companies, schools, colleges, hospitats. Many IT companies are coming up. So expected 20000 to 1 lakhs jobs in and around. The demand for buying a house and renting a house will be more. Definitely price may get double in coming years. Near Perungudi toll an international residential developer came up with a project. They are the best in market now. 

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Aditya Choudhary

15 Apr 2020 04:05 PM

Ok, then what will happen when things lockdown ends and people return to normal life. Where will they go on weekends to eat and drink? All this is temporary and anyways there are always some businesses which are in losses even during normal times and they get closed every month. Nothing new.

As far as builders are concerned, yes they may have to reduce prices because they have a pressure of interest cost as they are working on borrowed money many times.

As far as owners of old Properties are concerned, I do not think that they will reduce the price that easily. Because other than price there are many other aspects like location, address, opportunity etc. I am only considering people with self-use requirements here. 

Most importantly, the price reduction is no guarantee of a sale.

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15 Jun 2019 05:59 PM

Hi, It depends which city you are investing in and in which locality. If locality has good connectivity, Infrastructure or in future it will develop then appreciation in such areas will move quickly and returns will be high. You can take example of localities like Pimple Saudagar in Pune, in 2008 flat rate for a 2 BHK was 35 lacs all inclusive and today it is not below than 65 lacs. Similarly for Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, 2 BHK in 2004 was 60 lacs all inclusive and now it is above 1.20 cr. See the appreciation in both the localities, people who have invested here have earned 100% returns. So you need to do reserach which locality will be developing in near future, this will surely give you good appreciation.  For more such advice you can visit propertypistol.com.

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