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Impact of Reverse Repo Rate cut by RBI on Indian Real Estate Market

“Amidst this economic slowdown, revision of reverse repo rate that provides grants to varied economic sectors to maintain the liquidity is indeed a welcome move by RBI and Government. This will enable the banks to lend more. In addition to this, RBI has also announced a liquidity worth ₹50,000 crore under the Targeted Long Term Repo Operat...
schedule 18-Apr-2020

How Independent is Indian Real Estate Today?

In the 71 years since India gained independence, the country’s real estate market has changed tremendously. While it has not always been consumer-favouring throughout this period, it is certainly so today. The country’s cities have expanded, new economic drivers have come in and jobs are being created at all levels. ...
schedule 13-Aug-2018

Indian Real Estate Market: Rewind 2017

The testing times facing the real estate sector in wake of the reforms-driven new order has been much debated this year. While we have already experienced the roller coaster, let us look back at things on a lighter note in the run up to the New Year. The flurry of reforms that became reality in 2017 somewhere take me back to the 1930s ...
schedule 20-Dec-2017
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