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5 years of RERA - How has it changed the approach of the real estate sector?

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, was a paradigm shift for the real estate sector of India. When the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) was enforced, numerous home buyers, apprehensive of seeing real estate projects getting stalled and hearing news of other related scams, breathed easy. At that junctu...
schedule 18-May-2021

Recovery of Real Estate to Resume in Coming Months

Real Estate Industry is facing challenges due to a surge in the cases of pandemic followed by a halt in the recovery of sector post adverse of pandemic last year. However, with several measures already in place, the sector is expecting a marginal impact to overcome challenges that arisen in the second term of the pandemic. Kindly find below a dr...
schedule 18-May-2021

NRIs Offer Ray of Hope in India's Property Market at Present

India's diaspora offers a ray of hope to the country's ambushed property market in a pandemic-defaced year.  Home deals attempted to conquer different mishaps of demonetization, tougher housing law, and a credit mash over the most recent three years, slowing down projects and leaving builders with an enlarged stock. The pa...
schedule 13-Oct-2020

Real Estate Marketing Strategies adopted by Realtors for revival

The Real estate sector is continuously transforming; with the inclusion of an omni channel plan of marketing, sales, and promotion, it gets more expansive and critical. The magnitude of opportunities that will occur with these advanced integrations are not just going to change the outlook of the sector from traditional to modern but will push th...
schedule 09-Sep-2020

The emergence of sustainability in the ambit of Real Estate

India’s escalating residential sector is one of the highest suppliers to the country’s total carbon releases that is to account for 22% of India’s over-all annual carbon releases. Buildings account for up to forty percent of the whole energy consumption in India, of which housing real estate accounts for over sixty percent of i...
schedule 16-Mar-2020

The Real Estate fraternity is expecting few big sweeps at the Union Budget 2020

“The Real Estate fraternity is expecting few big sweeps at the ‘Union Budget 2020’. Real Estate will have a huge part to play in India INC’s journey to a 5 trillion economy, and boosting the sector will help in employee generation and have other beneficial cascading effects. We expect government to expand its gambit of in...
schedule 21-Jan-2020

Why should you invest in Mumbai’s Real Estate?

Mumbai has always been a coveted destination for real estate developers. It is no wonder that there is a huge influx of people with the city offering tremendous opportunities to job seekers and businessmen alike. This has led to a rise in demand for commercial and residential properties in Mumbai. As a result, many developers and builders are co...
schedule 29-Jul-2019


The data analytics companies of real estate released information that the topmost developers are replacing small players in India because obviously homebuyers need quality and they choose those developers who have a good past record, hence because of this, 50% of the small developers are facing tuff situations and some even left the market or so...
schedule 17-Jul-2019

How Independent is Indian Real Estate Today?

In the 71 years since India gained independence, the country’s real estate market has changed tremendously. While it has not always been consumer-favouring throughout this period, it is certainly so today. The country’s cities have expanded, new economic drivers have come in and jobs are being created at all levels. ...
schedule 13-Aug-2018

Indian Real Estate’s IPO Revival

A decade ago (in 2007-08), prior to the global financial crisis hitting D-street, the Indian initial public offerings (IPO) market gave a stellar show with overall ₹41,300 crore funds raised, making India the 5th largest market in volume and 7th largest in value terms. Then the capital markets crashed in after the global economic slowd...
schedule 14-Jun-2018
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