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Outlook for the Indian Realty Sector in 2020

The real estate industry is in the cusp of transformation and the past decade has played a crucial role in shaping the sector. The realty sector and its ancillary industries witnessed a series of structural reforms with advent of RERA, policy change, industry consolidation, fast proptech growth, and so on, which has helped increase transparency ...
schedule 09-Jan-2020

How Indian Real Estate sector evolved post-Independence from 1947 to 2019?

From Post-Independence bruises to modern skyscrapers, As our 73rd Independence Day is approaching, it would be important to acknowledge the contribution of the real estate sector in India. At present, real estate sector is growing at a very good pace, thanks to skill development and efficient construction met...
schedule 14-Aug-2019

Future of Real Estate in India

Compared to other investments like bank deposits, gold, and so on, real estate offers greater growth. There is always a tremendous demand for real estate in India. This sector aims to reach a figure of $180 billion by the year 2020. The heartening aspect is that both residential and commercial real estate are gaining importance. The Go...
schedule 23-Nov-2018

How Independent is Indian Real Estate Today?

In the 71 years since India gained independence, the country’s real estate market has changed tremendously. While it has not always been consumer-favouring throughout this period, it is certainly so today. The country’s cities have expanded, new economic drivers have come in and jobs are being created at all levels. ...
schedule 13-Aug-2018

The changing landscape of Indian Real Estate in 2018

India is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world, which is not only attracting domestic real estate developers, but also the foreign investors to invest in multi-dimensional projects including commercial as well as residential. A few factors which have contributed to the boom of this sector are rising purchasing power, growin...
schedule 13-Jun-2018

Indian Real Estate - Outlook for 2018-2019

Indian real estate is going through a major transformation in the recent years. Some of the big decisions and new policies of the Indian Government have affected the real estate sector in big way, albeit in positive or negative manner. Few of the policy changes introduced by the government, such as demonetization, RERA, and REITs in 2016, follow...
schedule 26-Apr-2018

Today’s Real Estate Scenario & Digitization Role for Closing the Deals

Let us get the recent prospective of real estate. Post RERA, demonetization & GST implementation the real estate is going through a very rigorous churn up leading to robust & transparent sector.  Well with all this and business being down a bit (actually a lot) lately, everyone is inventing or thinking of innovative ways t...
schedule 25-Apr-2018

What is Trending in Indian Real Estate Market?

Real estate has gone through a lot of ups and downs since last year. However, it picking up again in this year thanks to a few reforms and depreciation of the steep pricing thanks to a recent in the real estate market. However, if you are looking to make a good profit from this sector, it's best to keep a track of a few trending things that ...
schedule 22-Mar-2018
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