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Why Real Estate is a better option than Gold

Gold has always been a favourite investment vehicle of Indian households as many people transfer the yellow metal from one generation to another. The biggest advantage of Gold is that one can be flexible with investment size or the amount. Whether you have to put in Rs1000 or Rs 1 crore +, gold is accessible to everyone to buy. Also, gold is hig...
schedule 23-Mar-2022

Avoiding these mistakes can get you the best return from Real Estate investment

Buying real estate for the purpose of investment, earning hefty long term profit is the key incentive. However, buying property without considering a few important factors like calculating full cost may hurt your actual return expectations, or worse make loss. To ensure that you do not make losses while selling property or even end up ...
schedule 07-Mar-2022

Real Estate Investment Trust: How REITs have performed in India in 2021

Introduction Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are catching up big way in the Indian economy and real estate sector. Regulated by SEBI, REITs are companies that own, operate, or finance income-producing commercial real estate (from the Indian perspective). Pooling together the capital of multiple investors, REITs m...
schedule 25-Nov-2021
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