Jun 2018

12 Tips To Protect Your Home in Monsoon

By Zricks.com
12 Tips To Protect Your Home in Monsoon Update

Monsoon is a season to relish hot snacks with hot tea or coffee in a house which has been taken care off for the season. The monsoon can bring with it spillages, fungus and different issues, all of which can harm your home, furniture and other significant assets. Homes turn out to be more helpless during monsoon season and it is very vital for you to shield your homes from the desolates caused by rains.

Here are few handy tips and hacks that will help you get your home monsoon-ready:-

  1. The walls and roofs with cracks and holes are the places for the growth of Moss and fungus in the humid monsoon season. These are very harmful for the people living in the houses thus before monsoon starts one should check, locate and repair the cracks.
  2. To avoid seepage of rain water in to the house, one should paint the exterior of the house with waterproofing coat of paint.
  3. The rain water harvesting pipes needs to be checked and ensured that they are not having water clogging on the roof for water stagnation.
  4. To avoid accidents from electrical shock, one should check the external wiring and repair them before the season starts.
  5. To avoid rusting doors and windows with metal needs to be repainted and sunshades over the windows should be checked and overhauled.
  6. Water accumulation should be avoided around the house for the fresh water, mosquitoes to be breaded so puddles of water should be cleared then and there.
  7. Furniture should be kept dry and away from walls to avoid the moisture transfer.
  8. Wooden doors, windows and furniture should be waxed and oiled to keep it from swelling during the season.
  9. Naphthalene balls should be kept in wooden wardrobes to keep moisture at bay.
  10. Carpets and rugs should be rolled up for the season to avoid moisture and filth accumulating in them.
  11. Check for termite infestation, as an humid atmosphere will only boost the growth of termites. Make sure that wooden floors and furniture are properly polished to prevent moisture from building up. Cupboards and desks are easy target for infestation. Use camphor, neem leaves or cloves between clothes to keep away insects.
  12. Keep all the indoor plants outside the home as they increase dampness inside the home during rainy season.

Monsoons are keenly anticipated by every homeowner, but when it arrives it brings along a series of challenges for the homeowners. It is essential to drift clear of the problems to truly enjoy the season!


Author: Gunjan Johar

Updated: 6/22/2018 12:41:25 AM
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