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3 Types Of Lighting For Your New Home

3 Types Of Lighting For Your New Home Update

Buying a house is a long-term investment but an exciting one indeed. You pick a good locality, then find an aptly sized house suitable for your needs and you expect to make the best return on your latest investment. It is an experience which is stressful, time-consuming yet highly rewarding.

Once that is done, then you can start decorating the interiors, creating the lighting plan and beautifying the living rooms. The wall color can always be changed if it’s not to your liking.

Buying your new home brings the perfect opportunity to look for and find the best lighting plan that will enhance the overall look and feel of your home and be pocket-friendly at the same time – a good plan combines accent, ambiance and task lighting to achieve optimum functionality.

Lighting plays a huge part in setting the tone of your home and helps to create focal points to highlight objects or different areas in a room. Every room needs a distinct ambiance, which necessitates the need for different kinds of lighting. Allow us to light the way for you.


Accent lighting is used to draw attention to a particular detail or facet of an object or on a particular object as a whole. If you are an art connoisseur then Accent lighting should be the perfect choice for you if you want to do justice to the paintings, sculptures, and artwork in your house. Accent lighting is known to create a visual point of interest in a room and can also serve as functional decor for your home.

Good real estate plans allow for plenty of natural light. If you live in such a house then accent lights can be used in dimly lit areas of your house like narrow corridors for artwork displays, stairs leading to the basement, leading the path to the parking lot and the like.

Ambient (general lighting)

Ambient lighting, also referred to as mood lighting is the general type of lighting that provides the bulk of the light in a room. It is the first o base layer of lighting in a room. It is wide-reaching and provides just the right amount of light for all your daily activities like watching TV, having food, playing cards and the like. Ambient lighting can be used in addition to task lighting to provide better illumination for any type of activity.

Natural sources of light provide enough lighting in well-planned homes, during the daytime. Colors also influence the choice of ambient lighting to be used to a large extent. The designated space for ambient lighting should be chosen suitably to allow for a balance of nature as well as ambient light. In a good house plan, there is a central source of ambient light in all rooms, which is important for adequate lighting.

The lighting pattern of your new house should be selected while keeping in mind its color scheme, the design of the rooms and the amount of natural light which your house receives.


Task lighting refers to fixed, as well as movable light sources which, are dedicated to clearly lighting a specific task. This type of lighting can help with performing tasks in dimly lit areas which otherwise were not receiving proper light for a particular task. With task lighting, you can read longer, write longer and enjoy longer.

You can consider using task lighting for your study room if you have to regularly work long hours on a projector in your tools drawer to find the things you are looking for. Depending on the time of day and positioning of a room, the amount of time that task lights may be used can vary.

Using the optimum lighting plan can have a significant positive environmental impact by reducing the energy consumption of your house.

Equal importance should be given to the exterior as well as interior looks of your home. This is because if you plan to sell your house in a few years then in order to make a good return on your investment, the overall condition of your property should be satisfactory for the buyer and aspects like the lighting plan and interior design have the power to make your return on investment higher.

Since the market is on a positive spiral, this is a good time to invest your money in the project of your dreams.

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