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5 Reasons you must invest in Ready-to-Move-in Property

5 Reasons you must invest in Ready-to-Move-in Property Update

The property prices in cities, especially in metro cities keep fluctuating year by year. However, in the last three years, the prices in these cities have been below or stagnant. Despite of this no change in the price, home buyers are still in two minds about buying new apartments. One of the basic reasons behind these two thoughts is due to delay in the existing project, which eventually creates a lack of confidence in the minds of buyers. This is also affecting the decision of investors who may consider it as loss of investment.

Now with the GST is coming into the effect, this has further affected the decision. Under GST, the tax for under-construction project has shot up to 12 per cent. The developer will be bearing the burden of GST, which will certainly pass on to the buyers.

This is the reason why home buyers are choosing ready-to-move projects that are less risky in all terms. These ready-to-move homes carry a good resale value also offering less risk compared to under-construction properties.

Let us evaluate why ready-to-move homes are the best choice than under-construction:

  1. Benefiting the Tax:

As per real estate experts, one must buy the first home in the early age, which would certainly help in tax deduction. There is a huge capital tax gain in ready-to-move homes. Income tax rules allow tax exemption on capital gains under sale of property help for more than 2-3 years only if the amount is reinvested in property within two years. However, if the possession is delayed further, you will end up paying high amount as capital gain tax. This is not the case when it comes to ready-to-move homes. Moreover, there is no service tax involved in ready-to-move-in property.

  1. Save on Rentals:

This is the primary benefit the home owner will earn by investing on ready-to- move homes. If you're not planning to move soon and would like to wait for more years, then you can start earning by renting the home. The house rents are fixed according to the location, amenities available and how new the project is. Many home owners usually end up renting the home, especially if invested in other cities.  This will also help you to repay the EMI for loan taken for the house.

  1. No Waiting Period:

One of the prime advantages of ready-to-move homes are there is no waiting period. With the project already completed, you just have to complete the procedures of buying a home and other things related to the purchase.

  1. Only EMI with no Down Payment:

The best thing about possession ready home, you have to pay only EMIs on home loan immediately, and would include no other payments. In case of under construction property, EMI usually starts after completion of construction. However, if there is any delay in the construction, then the EMI will start once the home loan gets disbursed. However, in some cases, the buyer may cancel the property due to financial strain and increasing interest rates.

  1. You get what you see:

Since the housing complex is in ready possession, you will find no changes in the property as seen in the booklet or images. In many cases, the under construction project design may change after completion than what you have seen in the booklet. In case of ready to move homes, you can get feedback from the residents, examine the location and learn about the residence.



If you're planning for ready-possession property, evaluate your financial condition, documents required to purchase and about the developers. If the developer is esteemed, then banks will surely approach you to get yourself a loan. Home buying can be a risky affair, but buying after good research and considering the long term return will be fruitful.

Updated: 2/26/2018 1:53:57 AM

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