Sep 2017

5 Ways To Take Your Business Global With Virtual Offices


Nowadays individuals have the capacity to handle their clients without spending many resources. For this reason, when compared to traditional workplaces, virtual office spaces are a better option. They don’t require a physical location. It helps workers and managers to share diverse information and data and keep up a powerful and great correspondence.

Your business is only a phone call away from becoming a global empire! A global competitive edge for your business will allow you to attract prestige clients, leading global talent and a productive workforce. If your business has planned to expand its global office presence, then you can invest in a virtual office that will provide you with the business support, professional furnishings, technology, staff and fit outs required taking your business's presence to the next level.

Using a virtual office for your business is a lengthy process simplified into basic. Without setting up for physical office, incurring heavy costs, arranging all the requirements of an office space, installing infrastructure, etc., you have all this as virtually yours. Getting access to a prime business location in the capital of India is something you can boast about your business.

Virtual offices are a relatively new concept in the business world, but chances are it could be the calling card to take your business to next level. Below are five reasons that explain why you should try virtual office for your business.

  • Saves Money: Employees can have the technology they prefer and they're responsible for upgrading it when it's convenient for them. While there are a few cyber risk concerns with not having company-provided technology, that's fairly easy to manage with a password tool, monitoring and employee training. This means that virtual offices are not just for small firms anymore. Even if you are operating a larger business, you can use virtual offices to spread your branches.


  • Increased Productivity: Many people struggle to work efficiently when they constantly have managers looking over their shoulder. While virtual offices make it difficult for you to keep an eye on your staff, the level of productivity is often increased as workers feel more relaxed and engaged.


  • Flexibility: Many people find the time between 6 am and noon is the most productive part of the day. Why not work when you are most productive and play when your lest focused and winding down, it just makes sense….it’s not rocket science.


  • Access to Global Talent: Why limit your business to the ideas of few people when you have unlimited access to pool of talent screaming for opportunities? The seemingly endless boring office hours tire workers and it’s often hard to generate fresh ideas. The employees would be more creative if they are not glued to their desks all day long.


  • Cleaner Environment: Be eco friendly and this means travel to the office facilities when you really need to, burn the lights as needed, this is a personal decision but if you can work from home without clogging up the highways to go to the office just to function, it’s got to be good news, “use, don’t abuse” is the mantra.


A virtual office is a fantastic way to dip your foot in the waters of the market before taking the plunge; you can gauge customer reaction and market opportunities before seriously splashing the cash with a full market investment plan. You need not get bogged down with leases, mortgages and rental contacts. It is a simple business proposition “land and expand”, there is little financial commitment, you use the services and facilities for as long as it works for you. If your business warrants moving to something more permanent, you sign off and leave. It’s that simple.


This guest post has been written by Gunjan Johar.

Updated: 04 Sep 2017
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