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5 things to consider while selecting a property to live by yourself

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5 things to consider while selecting a property to live by yourself Update

Whether you might be tired of sharing spaces or just want to start a new life in a city of your choice, the decision to live by yourself is not without challenges. Be it the selection of the property or the management of the budget or the security of the home, proper planning will go a long way in ensuring a new yet relaxed stay.

Location Matters

While searching for a property to live by yourself, you will most likely be living alone. Hence, the location of the property is of utmost importance. A well-connected location with social amenities, market place, hospitals and recreational centres in the vicinity will be apt to live by yourself. An affordable yet distant location will pose many challenges in terms of connectivity and access to the basics.

In fact, you must be ready to shift to a comparatively smaller house. This will balance out your budget and you will be able to utilize the surplus money elsewhere. The Thumb rule of going for the ‘right sized’ home than going for a large-sized home will help in this regard. Thorough research and enquiry are strongly advised before making a selection.

Home Security

When you decide to live by yourself, there won’t be an all-time companion or family members to take care of the house security. Not taking a property in a remote location should be the first step towards a secure living. You might consider taking home in a gated and secured housing township. Despite this, investing in an advanced home security system will help you a great deal. In fact, a good security system becomes all the more important when you are living by yourself.

Friendly Social Circle

Even if you have taken the decision to live by yourself, you cannot be reclusive and live in solace. Neighbours and like-minded people are necessary for healthy living. Often, this aspect is neglected. While searching for the property, take time to check the occupancy ratio in the neighbourhood so that you can rest assured of a bustling ambience. Ensure that there are adequate recreational facilities for healthy and meaningful living. Facilities such as book clubs, libraries, meeting halls, parks and regular get-togethers help in the physical and mental well-being of a person.

Domestic Help

When it is certain that your family will not be around, you would definitely need external help. Before finalizing a property, enquire about the availability of domestic help. If possible, take references and book one for your daily chores. In fact, daily chores will be one of the most challenging parts when you are alone and you need regular help.

Moreover, when you are new in a locality, it is better to get the background of the domestic help verified as it might save you from hiring any unscrupulous or untrustworthy background.

Quality of Construction

You must be able to look at the big picture. When you decide to live by yourself, you must check the quality of construction and the age of the property beforehand. A property which will require frequent repairs and patchworks will be a nuisance for your mental peace. It is always better to check the age, quality of construction and requirement of repairs. If you falter on this point, the visits of a repair handyman would be a regular affair.

Resale Value

Even if you are buying this home to live by yourself, you must keep in mind the resale scenario. It is very much possible that you might wish to a new location or a new city altogether after five years. A property with good connectivity and appreciation value will fetch better returns in the case of sale.

Conclusively, the decision to live by yourself must be a well-researched and planned one. It will ensure a comfortable stay in the longer run.

Authored By Gunjan Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Developments

Updated: 7/14/2022 1:04:43 PM
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