Apr 2018

8 Ways of Differentiating between Good Floor Plan and Bad One

8 Ways of Differentiating between Good Floor Plan and Bad One Update

Choosing and buying a home is the most exciting part of your life. There are many things that fall under the decision making period like- location, price, ROI and floor plan. The newly purchased home should fit into your budget and aspects of your lifestyle. Of all the important things to consider, a floor plan is important and should be researched well before proceeding ahead. Whether you are getting ready to design floor plan or already set house, you need to take proper time in understanding the difference between good and bad floor plan.

Importance of right Floor Plan:

A finely designed floor plan provides a rich visual of rooms interconnected along with the interior area and location. Nailing down the floor plan is the first step and allows you to work through obstacles encountering during designing your home. It also allows you to change the face of the interior before the construction begins. The key is to design the floor plan as per your lifestyle and space requirement.

There are different elements undergo when designing a good floor plan. It is important to identify or differentiate between good floor plan and bad floor plan.

  • Deciding the Size of Home suits your Family:

Not every family will love to own a huge estate because it would either go out of budget or wouldn't be comfortable with. So a good floor plan should be designed by knowing how large the home will fit the lifestyle. Assess the number of the bedroom you would be needing, number of bathrooms requirement and space for each room. A bad floor plan may not offer this complete view of the home interior which can create confusion later.

  • Size of the Room:

Homeowners usually go for a rectangular room over square room. Moreover, a good floor plan should have a room of at least 12 ft length and 10 feet in width. In fact, the ideal bed size in India is 7-9 ft in length. For a master bedroom, the size should be at least 7-10 ft.

  • Utilization of Space:

A right floor plan is when you consider how well you will utilize the space. Do consider the traffic flow and think about the overall look and feel of the home. A good floor plan should be able to give you the feeling of after finished work. If you are trying to increase the visibility and create bigger space, design the floor plan accordingly.

  • Open Kitchen:

A good floor plan is the one that has open kitchen giving access to other areas of the home. Moreover, the open kitchen will also make the common area look spacious. The dining area and kitchen should be close by rather than having distance.

  • Make the decision based on the layout, not by the finishing:

A good floor plan should be designed on the home flows and feels on the daily activities. If the living room is spacious and inviting, then the floor plan is really good. Don't get excited about the upgraded floors and appliances mentioned in the floor plans.

  • Furniture Space:

A good floor plan should have furniture placed in the interior at least 3-4 ft away from the wall. Be it the living room or bedroom, less and finely placing of furniture will avoid congestion look to the area.

  • Trust your Instinct when choosing the Floor Plan:

We all have an instinct if space feels comfortable. Consider your instinct as per your requirement while finalizing the floor plan is very important. If the floor plan fits the requirement of your family members and lifestyle, then you must go ahead with the plan for the construction.

  • Seeking Guidance from Professional Architect:

One of the best ways to find the difference between good and the bad floor plan is to connect with the professional architecture. Factors like energy saving, locations, maintenance experience and ROI are considered when sitting with the professional architect. A simple guidance will prove a profitable venture for lifelong.

Updated: 4/9/2018 3:14:43 PM
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