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A Guide Explaining Labour Accommodation In Dubai


Rents have increased recently on labour accommodation because of the increasing number of labourers that are coming o the city. They rent has taken a hike to 40% more because of space issues in the city. For a long time now, Dubai has been the city that recruits labours from different countries for work. Now, these labours are from another country with no home, hence the recruiters arrange for accommodation where they can stay. These companies have to buy readymade labour camps in Dubai for these workers to stay for their period of time.

The real estate companies in Dubai offer and provide different kind of spaces according to the needs and the budget of the company. Many a times, companies buy separate accommodation for the labours that have different set of skills than the rest. There are many criteria that need to be evaluated before purchasing a labour accommodation in Dubai.

The areas specifically designed for labour accommodation in Dubai is one of major housing help created by the government of Dubai for labour. There is a number of accommodations available that are cheap and easily affordable by the companies who bring in the labours for jobs. The main motive is to provide spaces for all kinds of worker whether they are skilled or unskilled. The aim is to provide comfortable, modern, safe and a fully functioning housing that has proper amenities for them to live in. These labour accommodations are all over the city and especially near the industrial areas where most of the labourers are placed for work.

Key features of labour accommodation in Dubai

Flexible room sizes: The houses are designed in such a manner so that they can accommodate more than at least 5 people. Hence the houses are spacious and create a close knit unit of people. Generally the sizes of the room are based according to the number of people who would be staying there. The arrangements are comfortable and they make sure that they stay in a close knit way so nobody feels alone in a different country. The fact that these housings can accommodate almost 8 people in one room, it goes to show that the rooms provide are very big and comfortable enough for the workers.

Retail areas with supermarkets, banking facilities etc:  These accommodations are built in an area which is easily accessible to most necessities. The housing companies make sure that markets, health facilities and banking facilities are all available nearby so that they don’t have to travel a lot. Because workers are all from other countries and not from Dubai, they might get lost in a new place, hence the try to make sure that every facility is easily available to them.

Public transportation and taxi services: It is crucial to be near vehicle services for easy travelling. Public transportation can easily take them to the places which are not walking distance. To be near taxi services is important because the only way to go around the city is taxis and other public transportation. They can always visit other places without any hassle if these services are available to them. A lot of labour camps have metro stations nearby so that the poor labourers can travel in cheap.

Closer to work: It is a lot easier if the labour camp is in close vicinity to the factory or company, so that the workers can easily commute without much hassle and can save on travelling costs and time. Hence, the labour villages are situated very close to the working stations of different companies.

Proper amenities: The labour camps should have some basic amenities such as kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom should have geysers and proper working taps and showers. The kitchen should have oven, microwave, utensils, refrigerator etc. By providing these amenities we the companies ensure that the workers are comfortable while working in the companies in Dubai.

Close to place of worship – Dubai is Muslim dominated city in a Muslim dominated country, where most of the foreign workers are also of the Islamic faith. So it is extremely important that there’s a mosque nearby their camp where the labourers can visit for regular worship to God. It helps them be more comfortable and provides a sense of belongingness in a foreign city.

Healthcare facilities – The labourers may fall sick due to any reason and they need immediate medical attention for a speedy cure. So it is essential to have healthcare centres close to every labour accommodation in Dubai for fast medical treatment of the ill labourers, in case of any urgent requirement. Some companies also keep arrangements of ambulance services at these labour camps to carry the seriously ill patients to the bigger hospitals of Dubai for providing them best treatments possible.

Ambulance centre: A camp should be near ambulance centres in case of any medical emergencies. It will help transport anyone to bigger and better hospital who is suffering from any serious ailment. Many camps have an ambulance on standby in their own campus just for safety purposes and if there isn’t a centre nearby then this comes in handy.

Recreation areas and sports facilities: These facilities help in engaging the workers after a long hard day at work. They can find some relaxation and peace of mind if they’re involved in some other activity other than just work. They can use up their free time by watching movies or organising a concert for a change of mind. Many camps have sport facilities nearby and many workers play games and have matches in those facilities.

The facilities try to provide a comfortable labour accommodation in Dubai so that the labours have a fulfilling job and peaceful stay in another country. So, if you have received any opportunity to work in Dubai then you need not worry about the accommodations. You will be offered the best facility to love in while working. So, enjoy staying in Dubai anytime soon.


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Updated: 13 Mar 2018

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