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Bollywood Celebrities Bungalows will blow your mind

By Rajeev Mehra, CEO, JVDRAL

Dwellings reflect one's personality and so celebrities don't hesitate to opt it more attractive. Unlike normal people, Celebrities wish everything posh and elegant. They prefer modernity in dwellings size more than what we imagine. Stars lust to glitter and create beautiful abodes in unique style. Money doesn’t matter to them and spending them for flying around the world is their hobby, also they don't mind owning artistic and well-furnished pads for them.

Bandra and Juhu in Mumbai and lutyens in Delhi has beautiful bungalow type houses of most of the famous Bollywood producers, directors and actors and business honchos of India. Celebrities houses are truly breathtaking, since they admit their lifestyles into it. Before you own an auction house for sale, take a look on luxurious dwellings of your favourite celebrities from Bollywood.

A Sneak Peek of Bollywood Stars’ Abodes:

  1. Heritage Bungalow - Shah Rukh Khan:

Mannat is the name of Shah Rukh Khan’s Heritage Bungalow. In 2001, he bought this heritage house from Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust. “Mannat” means “Vow to God". Undoubtedly everyone in Bandra, Bandstand will be familiar about this beautiful bungalow. This is Six storey building was built behind that original bungalow later which valued more than Rs. 150 crores and celebrated as one of the most luxurious houses in India. Mannat has built with spacious living area, bedrooms and separate guest rooms, dining area and artistically designed interiors everywhere is definitely an iconic bungalow in Mumbai.

  1. Majestic Bungalows - Amitabh Bachachan:

Mr. Amitabh Bachachan is celebrated for his unique style in Bollywood industry but in other side he is completely divine person. Bachachan believes his houses must boast serenity and divinity. He has two houses in juhu, Mumbai, it’s called “Pratiksha" and “Jalsa". An office building called “Janak" is also situated in Juhu, Mumbai and house Jalsa is a beautiful celebrity house where the entire family resides. Pratiksha is 40 years old and Bachachan has started his career in this celebrity home, later on when he is peek in bollywood, entire family has shifted into Jalsa. Everywhere in Jalsa, Bachchan brings out royalty gives a majestic look to it will definitely blow our minds.

  1. Sea Facing Flat - Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan bought a flat in freeda apartments in bandra west which he rented for Rs. 10 lakhs, a sea facing flat is reason for him to buy which is a beautiful and spacious house spaced 5000 sq.ft where his entire family residing. In his teen age, he was living at Bella Vista Apartments, where his first house of 1000 sq.ft is situated, it's a combined house of 2 flats done for his own comfort initially. He had office also in the same place at beginning time. Aamir's mother and brother were also living there. A bungalow “Panchgani" is 100 years old and Aamir bought this beautiful bungalow from Homi Adjania, a famous writer-director.

  1. Sea Facing Rambling Bungalow - Hrithik Roshan

Most of the Bollywood Celebrities create their dwellings lavishly and elegantly, no abode worth is less than millions of rupees. In such a way Hrithik Roshan made a beautiful plush bungalow worth Rs. 500 millions is located in Juhu, Mumbai. Hrithik calls it “Paras" boasts 3000 Sq.ft, where there are den and two bed rooms beautifully resonated actor's fame and lifestyle together. 

Well, Its' a blue hues painted, sea facing sprawling bungalow so beautifully painted with unique shade is in between the two shades cerulean and turquoise. Based on hrithik's exact requisite, a famous architect Ashiesh Shah designed the entire house vigilantly. Paras actually designed in a customized manner mainly to his boys and entire look portrays it visibly. The complete fun part is actually inside den room where his three sons spend their most of the time for fun and play, den room boasts football table, billiards table and a vending machine is actually amazing when kids have all in one together with serene view of an enclosed lush green landscape along with sea view vows everyone by its tranquillity.

Get rid of your illusions! Aspire Big!! 

House is a place of peace, safety and comfort is the most precious asset to every human being. Few people make it more expensive, as it reflects their status. If money is not a thing to some people, they don't mind spending millions in creating the most beautiful buildings as their houses. They want personalized buildings as celebrity bungalows, so they make it done in unique and expensive manner. 

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