Dec 2018

Designer Suneet Varma’s unique & stylish home in Gurgaon


Here is sneak peek into Designer Suneet Verma's home in Gurgaon. Suneet Verma may be one of the best-known faces in fashion, but he breaks the unfriendly stereotypes associated with the business. Approachable and easy to get along with, Suneet  Varma is known for his bonhomie towards industry peers. Pristine white walls and Italian marble floors are neutral actors within a modern decor filled with unique design elements drawn from various cultures around the world. Most of the pieces were obtained even before Suneet bought this 3,200-square-foot apartment.

There is no question that more than anything else, Suneet wants his home to be welcoming. When he entertains, guests have the full run of the house; nothing is locked away, no place is shut off. He’s also one of the few among his peers with the confidence to give out the figures and business plans of his very successful brand; transparency is obviously a deep-rooted philosophy.

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Designer Suneet Varma’s unique & stylish home in Gurgaon Walkthrough

Updated: 14 Dec 2018
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