Jul 2019

From Buyers to Developers including Nabil Patel, Nobody escapes the Importance of Location

From Buyers to Developers including Nabil Patel, Nobody escapes the Importance of Location Update

Whether you are looking to rent, buy or build a house, you cannot escape one reality: location. Location is the reason behind some cities prospering and becoming hotspots of civilisations, while others remain unheard of. Sometimes, location decides price, amenities and most definitely, connectivity. It has, thus, become part and parcel of the development of the residential and real estate sector.

Where you choose to live may change the course of your morning, how often you visit certain places and ultimately your lifestyle itself. Factors such as sound infrastructure and increased connectivity can make any deal sound worthwhile. It is rare that anyone would want to live in complete isolation and most families seek areas that have good schools and accessible medical facilities. Even malls, multiplexes and similar places of interest have become engrained in our everyday life and their proximity can decide the amount of time we spend outside the house. Given a choice, location may be a priority over the size of the house or even rent simply because it makes life much easier when your dealings are within a twenty to thirty kilometres radius. Travelling for hours a day can be stressful and problematic for many and people in big cities would prefer to do away with traffic altogether.

Under the esteemed leadership of developers such as Nabil Patel, many projects in Mumbai are seeing the light of the day. Even in the city of bustling train stations and locals, location is what decides the price. Real Estate prices can vary greatly, depending upon the neighbourhood you decide to invest in. The reputation of the area, in terms of infrastructure and amenities can determine the rental rates. Certain pockets have earned the fame of being the most desirable and happening over the years, which inevitably lead to soaring prices. Bandra, Altamount and Peddar Road, Juhu, Worli, Malabar Hill, Lower Parel and many more examples remain proof to the fact that the idea of living among the famous and opulent can cause buyers to invest in prices that are sky-high. 

Location can thus prove to be a game-changer for any property, and it might be wise to take it into account before investing.

Updated: 8/17/2019 12:57:14 PM
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