Oct 2019

How different colors of the interior design can affect your mood


It is shocking to know how much our house can affect our mood concerning the color of the interior design. Whether it might be a mess, which can make us upset or make us feel down, or fresh flowers, which can boost our mood, that has a direct influence on our happiness. The colors of the interior design in our home are the direct reflection of our personality. Meanwhile, most of our time, which we spent, on choosing a color for our room that can affect our daily life. We have to make sure that we make the right choice. Color of the room can have an impact on our thoughts and moods. 

Colors can affect people in many ways, depending on our gender, age, psychological background, and environment. Some specific colors (or group of colors) can bring a similar reaction from most of the people and the distinctions come from the shades and hues used. This aspect makes it so important in choosing the colors wisely, when it comes to renovating. In addition, we might be astonished to know that our choices of interior design can have much impact on our mood when we are at home. The colors, which we are used in interior design, can have a neutral, active or passive effect on our mood. Henceforth, we have to consider or choose colors carefully so that we can make certain that the rooms are good for our guests and us. Here are the colors that I am going to discuss how they affect our mood and personality so that you can make good choices when you meet house construction contractors.


You might be astonished to know that the bright red can have a remarkable impact on your mood. The red color is known for raising the blood pressure and heart rate and can increase your energy levels. There are some benefits to rise in your emotion or anxiety when you are having a regular day, meanwhile, there are some drawbacks too when you are trying to relax after a long day at work. 

You might end up in contentious mood when you are full of energy, won't able to rest in front of the television with a faster heart rate and when you try to control your thoughts if you are around the red shade for too long. It is not just a shade of paint or wallpaper that can affect your mood. You will find many furnishings such as chairs, couch, and many more in vibrant red color also trigger people who are in the room. Do not paint the red color from soothing rooms like a bathroom and bedroom and choose it for rooms like the living room and entrance hall that can boost the mood of the people.


When you meet house construction contractor for interior designing purpose and ask them for the suggestion about the color for the rooms of the home most of them suggest blue because blue is a color which is well known for mood changer when you put into a room. One of the major reasons for blue becoming so popular is that it brings a touch of calm and soothe a person's mind. When people think, of blue they often compare it with calming water and the clear sky, which have a soothing effect. Therefore, it is regularly a better choice for a room like a bedroom where you need some peace to have a good sleep at night. In addition, it suggested having an ideal choice for a bathroom as it gives you a peaceful atmosphere. You can also use blue in the couch area for a relaxing atmosphere.


Many residential construction companies suggest orange colors, which can lift your mood when you opt for interior designing. There are many benefits of orange color as same as red as it can also help you in increasing energy levels and help you to feel happy and excited. It helps in increasing heart rate if you are going through a lazy day. However, it is not as bright as red so it will not have any dramatic effect on your mood. Henceforth, it is a good choice for opting orange color if you want to boost your mood that helps you feel more alert. It all depends on what shade or hue you opt that can affect your mood. Bright orange should be kept for a living room or study room that you spend most of your time, which help your mind to be active. While burnt orange is a good choice for the bedroom, as it will keep you in a happy mood.


Yellow is another color that pops up in interior designing when remodelling places like the lounge and the entrance hall. This is because of the yellow color makes a pleasant effect and make them feel happy and cheerful when they entering the property. They will be thinking of being around and feel comfortable in the space. Yellow is the strong color, which will help to lift people's spirits and help them to feel happy if they had a rough day. Just make sure that you do not go too over with the yellow color as it can be too much and could mess up people's mind. You might think of patterned wallpaper with yellow tones or dark yellow accessories, which fit with the home.


The green color is considered as the most soothing color for the eye. Combining the refreshing feature of blue and cheerfulness feature of yellow, green suits for almost every room of the house. In the family room or living room, it helps to unwind and has enough warmth to increase comfort and togetherness. In the kitchen, green helps in cool down the things. Green is also known for a calming effect and even used as the main color for decorating the interior. 


Purple is a rich, exciting and refined color. It is connected with creativity and luxury; as an emphasis or a secondary color, that gives a scheme depth feeling. Lighter versions of purple such as lilac and lavender bring the same restful design to the bedroom as the blue color does.

Updated: 14 Oct 2019
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