Nov 2018

Is the consumer happy? Paint companies rarely ask that question but this company did!


As the world is moving towards Eco-friendliness, one company asked the question, why should the paint that adorns your walls not be Eco-friendly. We are all obsessed with the word pollution, but little do we realise that even our homes will be polluted if we do not use the right kind of paint.

Apollo paints located in Bangalore has always been obsessed with the environment. Inspired by the once upon a time greenery in the city of Bangalore, they decided to go all out to keep their brand of paint Eco -friendly.

It has taken Apollo paints three proud decades of consistent commitment to ecological sustainable innovation and production to get here. Apollo Paints has always strived to manufacture and produce some of India's finest Green products in the Paint Industry.

What makes even their paint special is the complete adherence and alignment to the Green Codes of the Country. No industrial wastewater flows out of their 'ZERO DISCHARGE' plant that is certified "ORANGE".

They are now fully poised to cater to the demands of a discerning consumer with their massive production capacity expansion that operates with zero water discharge. The good news is that this eco-friendliness is all set to spread across the length and breadth of the country.

But of course, while Eco-friendliness is a pillar that is core to the company, there is more to Apollo Paints that’s amazing.

The PAINT AND PRIMER IN ONE, the "WONDERGUARD" an "Apollo Paints Special" coating has set a new benchmark in the industry.

The Eco-friendly Low VOC odourless paints is yet another commitment to excellence and passion for green innovation.

As part of their ongoing innovations, they also introduced Sparkle Floor coat, Tile style, Brite ceiling white and Pride Gold, all which helped them retain and increase their market share.

But who would have imagined a paint company that offers cooling solutions and mosquito repellent solutions. Sounds unbelievable that a paint company would go the extra mile to offer innovative products that not just colour your home, but also make your life inside the home more comfortable.

Their insightful consumer research resulted in the "Stay Cool" solution which is waterproof and provides cooler interiors, a 2 in 1 product that is creating waves in the market. So when the hottest summers come your way, you can rest assured that the cooling solutions from Apollo paints will come to your rescue.

But the quest for innovations never ceases to stop and Apollo paints did the unbelievable again. They decided to take up one of the constant irritants in a consumer’s life, that is far beyond the imagination of any paint company.

Mosquitoes are a menace at people’s homes. The question was can a paint that decorates the walls of your homes double up as a mosquito repellent?

By asking unconventional questions Apollo paints has always set new benchmarks The result of such unconventional thinking was a paint that tackled the mosquito menace in an odourless and eco - friendly environment.W hen the paint of your home itself can be a mosquito repellent, why look for an unhealthy alternative.

All these innovations are possible because of an excellent team who are committed to understanding the consumer’s life and not just the paint category.

The quest to understand customer needs and gaps enables Apollo to arrive at niche products, that will continue to wow the consumers for many more decades to some.

Updated: 19 Nov 2018
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