Jan 2021

Studio apartments: Perfect for metro millennials to live and work

By Dr. Rahul Chaudhary, Promoter, Sunworld Group

The world has adapted to a new normal way of living and working at an amazing pace in the past one year or so, something about which many were doubtful when the worst pandemic of our times hit us at the beginning of 2020.

Now that we all are used to this new way of living and working, a lot of people want to continue doing it from one single place. And there can’t be a better place for that than one’s own home. In this era of millennials, a studio apartment fits that bill more than perfectly – both cost-wise and comfort-wise, on professional and personal fronts.

This trend is particularly at its best in metros where digital connectivity is robust and working from a studio apartment takes care of the major problem of long hours spent in commuting, on an average 2 hours a day.

Many companies have announced plans to continue with work from home or remote working concept even after the pandemic gets over. A large number of employees are also keen to do the same and remote working may be the default mode of work in the foreseeable future.

A recent study by SAP Concur found that almost nine out of ten employees in India will prefer flexibility of having remote working. Also, seven out of ten feel their productivity has increased while working from home, which is higher than an overall Asia Pacific average of 60 per cent.

In such a scenario, studio apartments are offering the best of the two worlds to working professionals, especially the younger lot. Delhi-NCR and its counterparts in other metro cities offer several good options to rent or buy studio apartments in areas closer to corporate parks or other office complexes, offer a cost advantage over the regular 1, 2 or 3-BHKs. These are also easier to maintain and provide a perfect setting for work due to a large single open space, without the usual clutter associated with two or more smaller rooms. Even for small gatherings or parties, they are the best.As working from home requires a lot of juggling between the office and personal work, the connectivity can remain constant in a studio apartment.

Another aspect that goes in favour of studio apartments in metros is a large number of working professionals having jobs that require staying in more than one city. While a few days of such travel can be managed with hotels, it makes a much better sense to opt for a studio apartment for longer tenures of a few months a year or a few years all together. Many companies have begun investing in studio apartments for their travelling staff members and those can be used for work from home as well as for outstation staff working in office.Again, proximity of studio apartments to office areas becomes a game clincher.

It also requires developers to focus on studio apartments a lot more and a big market awaits for smart studios actually, fitted with digital connectivity and best use of space in areas nearer to corporate parks or even within them or in close proximity to office areas. A good connectivity to airports can be an added advantage for the millennials on the go.

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Updated: 19 Jan 2021
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