Nov 2018

The Real Estate Investment Checklist


Sufficient amount of in-depth research about a location and its surrounding places including emerging connectivity and potential developments, among other factors, need to be accounted for before choosing an investment property.

  • Verify the credibility and track record of the developer in terms of execution and delivery.
  • Check the project location and market trends as they directly impact the future value of the property.
  • Confirm if it is a high-growth area, one that is currently in decline or in the early stages of development.
  • Check for travel convenience, proximity to hospitals, universities, major business centers and connectivity with nearby places.
  • Ensure proper declaration by the promoter for stating the project completion time period and provision of the legal land.
  • Check if the project is registered under RERA and note down its registration number.
  • Ensure that the affidavit carries a date of possession and a rate of interest in case of any default.

Updated: 16 Nov 2018
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