Oct 2019

Time Management While Designing Your Property

By Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP

Buying a dream house doesn’t stop with investing in real estate. Making that house into a home is a bigger task because that is where you are going to stay with your loved ones and getting it done according to your tastes is no child’s play. And why we say that is because, you have invested so much into the property that every nook and corner should be well used and be present so that no square feet space is wasted. And for this, taking the help of an expert is recommended. Experts globally also vouch for this as they know that magic happens when spaces are handed over to the experts. 

Once, the designer is fixed, work on the property starts and this is where the real challenge begins. Trends are constantly evolving and something that you would be wanting to implicate in your property may lose the charm if the project is delayed. In addition to other reasons, a major point of concern is the client not giving full support in managing the project- by not adhering to strict timelines and the onus falls on the interior designer. More often than not, projects are completed and handed over beyond the time that was promised to the client. And this is because of lack of time management. Mentioned below are a few points on how this could be achieved so that both the client and interior designer are a happy lot.       

  • Trust the vision

Once the property is outsourced to an interior designer, trust them with the project as they are in the business and have a better know how. While getting the blue print ready, tell them the specific requirements that you may be having and take their recommendations on the same. There are instances where the client is not receptive to the designer’s vision and stresses on his choice. And once done, if it doesn’t appeal to him, it has to be dismantled and worked on again. This is a wastage of both time and money. 

  • Getting the necessary permissions in place

Before starting with the interiors work, most societies require details on the nature of the job. There are some housing societies who are very particular on the same and refuse the commencement of work until all the details are submitted. Sorting these before handing over the project will save time as opposed to getting the permissions once the designer starts on the business. This later will result in wastage off man hours and delay in project handover. 

  • Easy approvals

Another point in case is approvals when the designer shows the raw patch. Delay from the client in giving the necessary approvals will result in hassle for everybody which can be well avoided. 

  • Work in Tandem

Interior designers are not merely decorators who do up the place by placing cushions or colouring desks. A lot of hard work and research is put by studying the place and then a project board is created, which showcases the entire project. A lot of things are put into consideration like the plumbing works, civil works and electricity works that have to be in tandem. In case these civil works are outsourced to a third party, its best that work goes in sync with the designer’s requirements, absence of which will result in stretching the project beyond the delivery date. 

  • Procuring the add-ons:

While doing up the house, there are times when one would need accessories like tiles, slabs of wood, granite and so on. There may also be requirements of fittings and fixtures. While many times, the interior designer gets these items sourced from the many sourcing agents they are in touch with, sometimes the client promises to get the materials. Any delay in getting them and handing it over to the designer will mean the starting of the project itself is delayed. 

  • Maintenance of the property

While working on the project, it should be ensured that the property is well maintained in terms of keeping it clean, secure- no vandalising the property and availability of water and electricity for the various work purposes. It is a good idea to notify the security and give their staff a pair of keys so that work never stops. 

Finally, one should be aware that the designer works on multiple projects at the same time and is keen on giving each one of them a complete 100%. This is achieved by proper time management by both the client and the designer.

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